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Hand carved teak wood Stair case with a difference,Cherthala House

Cherthala house designed and built by us has a special hand carved teak wood stair case.You cannot see a similar stair case any where as each of stair posts are carved by our expert craftsmen in the form of a tree.See the pictures:


If you need a similar or a different type of hand carved stair case for your house even if it is not designed and built by us, write to

or call


Hand carved Interior wood work at Cherthala house designed and built by us

1.Front door

See pictures





Monday, September 16, 2013

Free Consultation,16,Sep,2013

Property development for sale of Villas/House Construction


I am looking to construct houses on a total square plot of 85 cents.
Can you kindly please send me portfolio of constructed properties ideally 3/4 bedroom single and double story starting from your lowest budget to maximum 14 lakhs per property including materials and labour.
Please kindly state approximate prices per design and timeframe for completion.
I am ideally looking to construct at least 15-20 properties.
My other option if anyone is willing to offer this, is to construct flats with no upfront money but at the point of completion and sale. Property is roadside and has road access on three sides. If you are willing to do this please send me samples and prices.
Awaiting your reply as I am looking to start either project this year.


Dear Mr. Thomas

Could you please advise the average construction cost for a 4 BEDROOM Villa with best quality of materials .If possible kindly confirm the tentative  rate per sq.ft for shell and core ie for only structure with inner/external plaster. I intent to construct a villa near Perumbavoor(Ernakulam Dist/Kerala) with inbuilt  area of 2500 Sq Ft .

I also request few more valuable tips to be taken care




I would be appreciated your help in following issues:

1. In a rocky area what kind of foundation is required, like depth, concrete belt for both under and top, etc. 

2. How much time is required to cure the foundation to construct further. 

3. What is the better and economical material for wall construction of a house local stone/brick/concrete block.

4. Is there any monetary benefit when we provide materials from our own source. 

5. Any guess on total cost of a house of  1600 Sq ft in double storey with an average finishing.

I will be grateful your expert opinion and view.


My reply

Major problems with those who start thinking about design and construction of house in Kerala are the following as per my observations:

1.They think price of nearly hundreds of materials used for house construction will remain unaltered or the hapless contractor who agreed to construct house for a particular amount will construct the house even by incurring losses simply to stick to the contract terms

2.They are not aware of the fact that most of the contractors in the construction industry have absolutely no technical knowledge or training on the topic

3.They are not aware of the fact that compromises in quality and construction methods can be done by the non professional contractors to safeguard and increase his profit margin without any visible defects in construction in the immediate future of the building

4.They think plan of the house is the only drawing /design input required for the house construction and most of the contractors give this without any charges

In this scenario,experienced professionals in the field will have to say these:

1.Design of the house which starts from Basic plan of the house,detailed architectural/structural engineering drawings required from beginning to end of construction are very important and critical to save your money,provide you better facilities at lesser cost and to give long lasting quality and structural stability of the building

2.Just by giving these drawings,contractor is not going to follow these drawings properly.In most cases he wont even know how to read and understand these drawings.So you need an experienced professional to visit site occasionally and give instructions/guidance to the workers and ensure that work is done strictly as per drawings/design.

Naturally the contractor will demand a different “rate” or amount to follow drawings and instructions correctly.He may also demand increase in so called”rates” depending upon increase in cost of input materials/labour if he has to follow design drawings and instructions correctly

3.Basic Plan of the house is the most important most critical drawing for the house.Only a highly experienced competent professional can give you the best plan meeting your requirements and considering all critical factors for design of the house

4.Collecting information from any one you come across on house construction “tips” will land you in trouble.House design and construction should never be done based on public opinion/survey.There is no short cut to avoid professional design and experienced professional guidance in house construction

In this particular case the person think that 3 bed room house can be built with Rs.14 lakhs maximum! It shows lack of knowledge about ground realities of house construction in Kerala


An Architect who works for passion needed for a low budget premium tent resort at Thekkady. The proposed resort land is located at Kumily near Thekkady. It's a scenic 20 acres land and if build will be the USP off Thekkady resorts. We would like to Build this resort in a shoestring budget with 5 star facility. The land covers a full mountain with meadows, spices, wind,Mist, water,clouds ,sun set etc.. a camp fire can be lit all over the year. you will feel different moods with each visit accompanied by the sweet breeze. we would like to have a better tent resort than following places.
we give importance to people who are passionate about building a great resort, with great creativity, and willing to spend time at the resort land.
My reply

Basically such projects can start only with a detailed on the spot study of plot and surroundings.Your dreams will have to shared at site with the Architect for his informed responses and suggestions to mould what is possible and workable


Dear Sir,

I came to know about you through the Internet and found that you answered several queries. Let me introduce myself, my name is Thomas and I am working in Saudi Arabia.

I constructed a house in Wayanad almost four years back, where I want to make  compound wall, wall height shall be about 4 feet with normal design, now days how much is the charges in Kerala? What is the cheap and best way of construction of the same?

Also I  have a plan to construct a small house in Palakkad.The land area is 7 cents.  What are the services you can provide for the same including plan?

Awaiting for your answer

My reply

Cost for compound wall construction can be assessed only after a Site visit and it will be better for you to get a reliable construction contractor in your area to quote for it.There is no uniform rates for any type of construction anywhere as each contractor builds as per his convenience and no usual contractor follows any quality standards other than standards to safeguard and increase his profit level.


I have purchased a plot at Kakkanad of size 4.1 cents.

Would like to know the feasibility of implementing Rapid wall and if yes,your availability for site visit too.


My reply

I do not think it is proper for the person who need house to be designed and constructed to decide on design details or technology to be adopted.For such an important investment in your life,you need to get the best available expertise and instead of you deciding details by making enquiries with any one you come across let the expert decide on details in consultation with you.He will explain to you and suggest suitable method of construction for you


Hello Thomas ...

This might come as a bit of a off-tangent question..

I am an NRI and have an ancestral house in Kakkanad 25 years old (I am quite happy living in functional old houses :-)  ).

Your words in your posts linger in my mind "everyday you delay for buying land ....literally push away those dreams forever ..."

I am interested in buying a plot of land purely for investment purpose or just in case if later for some reason or the other its not possible to stay in the ancestral house. I don't have that much money.

Do you think the Real estate prices will remain flat or decline with the rupee depreciating ..?

My reply

As you are aware financial conditions of the country is in bad shape without much hope of improvement in the near future

Hence investment of any nature will be wise way of depositing your hard earned money. With price increases coming every day and rupee going down even keeping money in bank cannot be safe as value of rupee may come down and inflation will kill real value of money. Real estate prices can only go high

Hence if you can invest in real estate do it  at the earliest

Architectural Training



I am a 5th year student of B. Architecture, B. I. T Mesra. I am interested in doing my scheduled Tenth Semester Internship at your renowned firm for 4 months from January'14 to April'14. I am sending my resume as attachments with this mail, as discussed in the phone call. Kindly have a look and respond if you find my work worthwhile. I would be thankful to you for you consideration, and would be waiting for a response from your side. i hope you find my application worth attention.

Alisha, Fifth Year Undergraduate,

Dept. of Architecture

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

My reply

You can undergo training in our organisation.But training certificate will be issued by the company only and not by any individual professional associated with us

Vasthu compliance


Dear Mr. Thomas,

Wanted to know how you charge for checking the Vasthu and recommending changes as per Vasthu.

Also, how do you check Vasthu - at the site or through a map?


My reply

For existing house,vasthu compliance can be checked with a site visit by me.Charges depends upon distance from Cochin.Possible changes and modifications can be explained at site and I will give a report on the visit

Nalukettu house


Can nalukettu houses be still made of wood as it was used to be built traditionally? I do not prefer nalukettu built with tile and bricks

My reply

Nalukettu type houses with all traditional features will be more costly to build.If budget is not a constraint even more wood work can be incorporated with traditional features and modern technology.I am yet to find a customer who says budget is not a constraint.People would like to have all good features but  reluctant to pay for it

Building rules


sir, i have 20 cent paddy field only as own with a frontage of panchayath road..but nowadays this land is not fit for any agricultural i wish to convert this building zone to make a home for me in it..which are the procedures for getting permission for this.i have no any other type of land in my name..please give me a suggestion.


I want to build the upper story of my house beside the NH highway.From whom do I need the approval


I came across your blog on KHC, there was lot of informative topics on it. So I thought of taking some guidance from you.

Actually I am looking for plot to construct house anywhere in Kerala with minimum 5 cent of land and my budget is around 50K - 75K per cent.

I have been browsing site for that, now I have seen that few places agriculture land comes at lower price compared to residential type plots.

My question here is if I buy an agriculture land and in future I want to construct a house there is it legal. Also can u suggest where can I get plots with in my budget anywhere in Kerala.



I have only a house plot 10 cents,in panchayath area ,but in its thandaper as " nilam" .any problem for getting NOC from panchayath.
Please help me


Dear Mr. Hormise Thomas,

Can you please tell me how much distance we have to leave in the front from the road, when constructing  a house in plot on the  PWD  roadside Vennala area  (within corporation limits) in Ernakulum?

My reply

Contact concerned section of your local authority office with specific details on the plot like survey no and location details.They will advise you action possible


Planning to do floor tiling to My Tharavad House Kitchen which is done with concrete plastering without much finish. Do I need to to chip the floor or directly add concrete and lay tiles on it. The door level is almost 2 inches above from the floor level.

My reply

It is better to get an expert visit your house and get advice from him.It is not proper on the part of a professional to give suggestions without sufficient data

Saturday, September 7, 2013

House Design:Consultation with Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil,Cochin based Architect is well versed with traditional Kerala Architecture,Modern Architecture as adapted to Kerala conditions,Vasthu aspects which will make your living in the house comfortable and prosperous,Structural Engineering aspects to ensure structural stability of the only house which you may build in your life time and cost reduction techniques without compromising on quality aspects of house construction.

He has experience in designing and building  more than 200 houses inside and outside Kerala with direct involvement from beginning to finish and designed thousands of buildings and acted as consultant for many house and other type building construction.

An experienced expert in house construction in Kerala can make a lot of difference in design of your house.Apart from giving you better value for your money invested,he can help you reduce cost and provide you better facility with available space.

Then,what are you waiting for? If you have a plan made by some body with you for your house construction you can meet him at his Cochin office and seek guidance in improving/modifying  that plan to get better facilities at lesser cost.You can get better Elevation for the house.

Even if you are an Architect/Engineer,just meet him at his  Cochin office for consultation so that you can give a better designed plan to your client.

For appointments contact 9388701702 or 9388701707.or 9388701700

Or email to

You can access his Face book or twitter account and see pictures of houses designed and built by him at

Face book::!/profile.php?id=531348963&sk=photos